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Wild Hare Arts

Finely Crafted Artisan Jewelry

Patty Hoisch’s love affair with beads began in her early years growing up in Flagstaff, Arizona.  It was as much fun to go down to the local trading post and buy Czech glass cut beads as buying the latest Beatles album. She  received some instruction from relatives of her Navajo school friends, and her first customer was a Navajo woman who commissioned a pair of peyote beaded jars.  

Patty’s first job out of high school was doing lapidary work where she began learning about cutting and polishing stones and basic jewelry making. Through the years she worked in various artistic media including leather carving, graphics illustrating, drawing, painting and carving.

After working 12 years for a nationally famous jewelry company, Wild Hare Arts jewelry became Patty Hoisch’s full time endeavor in 2008. She has been passionate about developing her line and seeing where her creativity can take her.

Patty loves to spend time hiking with her two dogs and writes and plays music with her husband Tom Hoisch and friend Patricia Fonseca in their band “Yarrow”.